Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alas, I'm finally here.

Morocco is such a beautiful country. While driving from Rabat to Ouarzazate, I couldn't help but notice the resemblance to Arizona. Once, we passed Marrakech, the roads got more more and more windy. We drove through beautiful mountains and finally came to what everyone can refer to as the DESERT. I couldn't believe that I was in Africa! This was amazing! After the long drive, we were greeted by our Pre-Service Training Staff, that interestingly, introduced us to our first Ramadan break-fast at 6:45pm. It consisted of a wonderful warm soup with meat and vegetables along with various flatbreads and sweets to be washed down with ofcourse, sweet mint tea. This all was to be followed by real dinner at 10pm:)

After being here for a few days, I've realized that my mind and body are so tired and the thought of more reading material and sessions seems daunting. Nevertheless, I embrace the next ten weeks of training! This picture was taken from our hotel just after sunset.

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